Aims and Objectives

Aims & Objectives

• To develop initiatives in education & research under the mission statement of the Division.
• To organise events and meetings for development of themes in education and research in the European context, including promoting the following:
o Once every two years, there will be the Chair's European Conference on Bioethics.
o On occasion, a joint-European Division World Bioethics Day to be held in a rotating European location.
o Where practicable, member Units will be encouraged to hold European Courses or seminars on different bioethical topics.
o To publicise, support and disseminate national World Bioethics Day events in ED countries.
• To publish in high impact journals and to disseminate our work and opinions via newspapers, social media and traditional media, in accordance with UNESCO guidelines and methodology.
• To develop & pursue funding strategies to support the work of the European Division.
• To foster communication and dissemination between the members of the European Division, the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics and the broader research and education community.
• To ensure the research is framed with due regard to UNESCO’s core principles and the ‘Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights’ which UNESCO is committed to guide its application in a variety of socio-cultural-legal contexts.